About us

We are not actually Slidebooster - we just use the domain to give you value while we fundraise for our startup. We are FEEDup, a Norwegian food tech startup that will help people eat better for less hassle - while they minimise their food waste. Slidebooster is our way of fundraising. We through; "How can we use our strengths to give others people value, while we fundraise for FEEDup?" Well, we are good at graphic design, and people need better PowerPoints - so we figured it's a win-win situation.

We have experience from a wide range of companies and industries, in positions such as Strategy Consultant, Interaction Designer and Product Manager. Therefore, we know what kind of infographics that are useful, that will help you save time, energy and raise your credibility and enable you to communicate better. And who doesn't want that?

Got questions? Contact our founder, Ellen S. Øgaard, at hello@slidebooster.no 
Phone number: +47 95865894



Our Norwegian organisational number: 925 428 000